5:19 (DEMO)

Dave had the idea to treat the tune in this way- speed it up, and almost give it a Spandau Ballet feel. Obviously, this was before we had the guitar hook in the intros and turn arounds as well as there was no finished bridge. We were just eager to get a handle on whether the feel would work. This demo would form the backbone to what the final master version would become (which, if you’re familiar with both the Everything in Between & the Under Summer Sun version, there are slight differences).

The main difference in the two versions is the drums. Josh Robinson played on the original (EIB) version and gives it a very emotional narrative, ebbing and flowing with the song. That’s one of things i love about Josh’s playing- he really LISTENS to the music and responds to what he hears going on. When we signed with Universal, we decided to record different drums for it- making it a little more straight-ahead, less ebbing-and-flowing in attempt to make it more palatable for radio. We also took out the breath after the bridge.  


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