just pretending 

I wrote this one right before Everything in Between released about the all-too-familiar scenario where a couple breaks up but one or both of them is convinced it’s not REALLY over. I honestly can’t remember if I was living this when I wrote it or just drawing from past experience, but Im really pleased by how I was able to communicate the emotion.  I love the second verse lyric a ton, and the bridge too. Harmonies compliments of my then-roomie Brandon Heath :)


She could take away my pain all afternoon
everything else is the same wrapped up in blue
we fell back into what we once knew
in a sunny day on the avenue

So i’m trying to forget it
what we came so close to
and no she won’t admit it
but she wanted me too
And no i can’t explain it
I’m convinced that it’s true
We’re just pretending to be through

When it comes to our embrace there’s nothing new
just the same ol’ perfect way we used to do
And it was almost right she was almost mine
when we put it all out on the line

All my lines lead straight to her
In my head it seems so sure
When will we admit its true?


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