Pennies and Jesus

I wrote this in 2005 and we recorded it for the Everything in Between record. If I remember correctly, the band all played the song down a couple times, with me singing along, and we just kept the best take.  I’m sure had we actually released the song, I would have re-sung it a few times to get it super tight, but this didn’t make it beyond demo stage, so what you see is what you get!

I was thinking about my mom’s parents- Nana and Poppy when I wrote this song. Poppy was a preacher, so they didn’t have much money. I thought about the idea that as a couple gets older, what might keep them alive is merely just hanging on for the other. I wondered what would happen if something would happen to one of them. Much to our surprise, my nana died first.  All the years of taking care of my frail Poppy had worn her down and she just didn’t have the strength to recover from pneumonia. Poppy lived several years longer, until the weekend he moved to a assisted care facility. He died on day 2. I hope you enjoy.


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