Working with Ed Cash, we would often mock songs up with sampled drums and bass before getting musicians in to record. This not only saves money, but ensures that we had time to figure out what it was that we wanted to hear instead of leaving it all up to the musician (who may be hearing the song for the first time the day of the recording session). This is one such ‘mock up’. You’ll recognize much of the guitar work finds its way to the master recording. We hadn’t quite figured out the bridge at this point, as well as we hadn’t yet cut out the first pre-chorus. I ended up making that call late in the game, feeling like it was taking too long to get into the first chorus (Don’t BORE us, get to the CHORUS!! ). We kept the 2nd pre-chorus because the second verse is half as long as the first. It works much better that way, IMO and ends up acting more like a variation on the 2nd verse than it does a full on pre-chorus. Either way, enough nerding out- ENJOY!



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