make it through (someone like you)

So, here’s a little gem for you OG fans. When we

What an oddity this is! Barnes and I had written ‘Someone Like You’ in ’04 or ’05 and, while we both thought the song was super catchy, neither of us immediately felt like the song was for either one of us (we legit thought about pitching it to Taylor Swift*). So it sat unheard. At some point between when it was written and when I recorded it for Weights & Wings, I rewrote the lyric to try and fit a pitch for an end-credits song for a movie being released. I can’t remember what the movie was all these years later, but this is a rough demo of what I came up with. (Yes, it was rejected, and so was my fragile little heart :)


*Pitching a song means trying to get it heard & recorded by an artist. Songs can be pitched to anyone connected to the artist- manager, producer, agent, friend… but the best way to pitch a song is directly to the artist themselves (duh). Thinking about pitching a song to Taylor is funny now, seeing as how she really doesn’t need my or Dave’s help writing songs. 




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