trying to believe its true

I wrote this one while working on Weights & Wings. It’s another song written in the middle of a dark, hard season- wrestling with the void between what I had hoped for and what was now reality.  I love this little song.  It’s so raw and honest. I have shied away from releasing songs like this recently, afraid they were too personal/ not universal enough. I posted the lyrics below. Is this something you connect with? 


by matthew stewart wertz at 3:48pm on Thursday, may 28th 2009

I’m so scared, losing my mind, don’t

Trust the voices that play all the time and I’m

Running out of people to blame-

Backed in a corner by all of this shame.


    And I know

    Somewhere there’s grace

    And somehow

    Nothing escapes

    From this love that I know I’ve been called to-

    I’m just trying to believe it’s true.


On and on, scenery’s same, I’m

Growing tired from excuses I’ve made and

Nothing’s different, no, nothing’s changed

Looking in mirrors, forgetting my face



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