wait for love

The next 5 weeks I’ll be pulling from the Weights & Wings Demo recording sessions. There’s some interesting first-attempts at songs that made the album, as well as a couple of tunes that never got released, like this one.


I had been toying with this guitar rif/progression for at least a year and couldn’t figure out what melody would work with it. I do love the turn the bridge takes- very unexpected and so Stevie Wonder! I also love the melody on the outro- actually, the more i listen to this the more i wonder why this is the first time i’m letting anyone hear it! Here are the lyrics:


Sunday morning, finished sleeping off the alcohol,

So at home with all this shame and fear.

Who I am, why I was and what I’m trying to be

Nothing’s safer than remaining here.


    Even when the light fades

    Even when the darkness lingers

    Even when the heartache’s

    Making everything unclear. 

    Take me as I am, there’s no more pointed fingers

    And wait for love to come


I can find enough excuses to do anything

Then just enough to go and change my mind

All this spinnin’s got my heart and head all tangled up

That’s why I’m needing you to make it right.


    All this time

    You stood by

    Waiting for me to come back home




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